What a great show we had tonight about Teen Bullying and Suicide! Over the past year I have talked to many kids across the panhandle, and also many kids have called in about serious issues they have been thru such as being picked on at home or at school. Sometimes kids not only call a local radio-station just to request songs but also they call because they sometimes see us Djs as role models and they want our honest advise. I have recently learned that I'm nobody special! Just an ordinary guy that has issues like any other person. The only difference is I have a microphone in front of me every-night, and a 100,000 watt speaker to broadcast over. So why not use this platform that I have and send a positive message to our younger generation who listen to me every-night on the radio.

With the holidays here, parents get stressed because of financial reasons and they take it out on their kids. Bullying is not only going on at home but it's definitely on a rise in schools! So tonight I decided to take it to the airwaves and ask kids to come forward about being bullied. Wow did we receive a lot of calls, more then I expected with kids stepping forward. That's Great that kids spoke out on the radio and shared their stories of getting bullied at school. What I have learned is some kids are afraid to stand up about this serious issue and have taken it upon there own way of handling bullying.

Most of the kids we spoke to tonight that were being bullied at school, also have considered SUICIDE. Suicide is the 4th biggest cause of death. I teared up many times talking to kids tonight on how they really considered suicide as a way out. Kids trying cut themselves, with knives or razor blades, over-dosing on prescription pills, and even a boy who purposely would attempt himself to get in a car wreck! Let me tell you SUICIDE is not the way out. Think about it. How would your parents feel if you took the easy way out!

I feel tonight was a start for Kids to stand up for themselves, but also stand up for others that are getting bullied! Thanks to all the kids that called up and shared their stories, also thanks to everyone that listened to the show tonight. Big Thank You to our AISD counselors that stood in studio to talk to kids and lead them in the right direction. Big shouts to Julian Reese coach of the Amarillo Venom who gave a positive message to others.

If your being bullied there's many outlets you can use. From counselors at school, to friends, joining school activities or sports, youth church ministries, and parents. Bullying is NOT cool, and either is suicide. If suicide has crossed your mind, my message to you is your too good to end your life short like that. If you feel nobody is listening to you there's one person who will always listen to you, be your friend, and he'll never shut you down and that is GOD!

I really would like to say thanks for giving me the oppurtunity to voice my opinion tonight.Thanks for all your SUPPORT! I end this blog with a special group who stopped by the Kiss studios "Smooth Condition" as they performed Bruno Mars "Just The Way You Are" the words in this song are a great message to people who are down on themselves! Thanks for reading this bog and please feel free to comment below.

Click green play button to hear "Smooth Condition" live performance in Kiss studio.