Here we go by popular DEMAND I'm posting Amarillo's Top 5 Funny/Drunk pics over the weekend! See if you or your friends made this weekend's Top 5. For some reason we take the best pics when having a few cold ones...Haha! Feel free to caption your own comments with these pics. Post below which # pic and your caption next to it let's see who comes up with the funniest comment!

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    Haha...Is this a "Weekend at Bernie's" moment
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    EEEEEEEK!!!!! Does the kid in the middle not look like one of them boys from the movie "Children Of The Corn"
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    "Just look into my dreamy eyes"

    Flickr By normalityrelief
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    Shhhhhhhh....It's "TEE" time.....
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    WOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I Love Tommy The Hacker.....

    Flickr By merfam