Are you looking for a great place to hit the slopes this winter? Here is a list of some of the best resorts in the 500 miles radius. Whether it's just you, the family or you and your significant other, there is a place for everyone. It may be a little bit of a drive, but you are guaranteed to have a vacation that will make memories for you and your family!

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    Wolf Creek – Colorado

    453 Miles

    This mountain has to have some of the best snow in the country, and it is like that very consistently. It is very common to have completely fresh powder every morning of your trip. Making your own tracks every day is a blast and on such a beautiful mountain, it's hard to pass up. It's a bit of a drive to get there, but it is a guaranteed good time. Whether you are a beginner or expert, Wolf Creek has the trails for you. Also, if you have a little experience, do a little tree skiing here. It's amazing!

    Wolf Creek
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    Ski Apache – New Mexico

    307 Miles

    If you are looking for a beautiful resort and in a short driving distance, Ski Apache has you covered. With an amazingly beautiful mountain, ski rental on the hill and reasonably priced lessons, Ski Apache is a great place to take the family. The kiddos can get some lessons and for those of you who are more on the expert side, they definitely have you covered. Over 15 killer expert runs that will test your every skill. Ski Apache is a definite blast for the entire family.

    Ski Apache
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    Taos – New Mexico

    335 Miles

    Taos New Mexico is a great place to go ski as well as other things. There are some really great casinos in the area as well as great restaurants. But as with every ski town, the magic happens when you hit the mountain. This has to be one of the most beautiful places to ski in the country. With tons of snow and more runs than you could imagine, it will definitely take more than a day or two to hit them all. If you are in a group, you will definitely want to stay together, otherwise you might end up skiing by yourself for the day. If you have the extra cash in your pocket, look into getting a lodge near the mountain. It will save you time in the morning.

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    Sante Fe – New Mexico

    281 Miles

    Sante Fe is a great beginner mountain and with all the city has to do, anyone can have a blast here. Take the kids and drop them off at the mountain, then spend the day shopping at many of the authentic shops around town. For those of you hitting the slopes, you have plenty to keep you busy all day. Not all of this mountain is for beginners as it has some really awesome blacks and double black runs. While you're on the mountain you have to stop at the Totemoff Bar/Grill and Lodge for one of their fresh cooked burgers with jalapenos. Warms you up real nice while you take a break from skiing.

    Sante Fe
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    Red River – New Mexico

    287 Miles

    This is a relatively small mountain and while the trails are limited, this is the perfect place for a nice little getaway. Having a great time on the mountain and then spending an evening in the small but exciting nightlife of Red River really make this a nice and intimate place to spend a vacation. Great food, reasonably priced lodging and a really fun mountain give this ski destination all the allure that you could ever want.

    Red River
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    Angelfire – New Mexico

    257 Miles

    Angel Fire Resort is a great place to go and it is only 5 hours away. This is a perfect place for beginners and experts alike. This is a beautiful resort and has some really great deals year round. One of the coolest things about Angel Fire is the fact that they offer 'Night Skiing'. You can stay on the mountain and keep on skiing, and take part in other activities that they offer on the mountain after nightfall. This is a great place to take the family and truly one of the best vacations around. I say gear up your family, load up the vehicle and hit the slopes this winter. Angel Fire will not disappoint.