I caught wind of this today and when I heard about it, I had to see it for myself.  Video footage of 2 UFO's filmed from inside a plane over Dallas, TX.

We all have our own opinions about UFOs and aliens and me, I'm a believer.  I think with the amount of stars and planets, just in our galaxy alone, it would be silly to think we are the only ones in this universe.

Anyways moving on to the video, as you watch it, 2 white objects go flying by and I do mean flying, very fast!

They slow down the video to try and make it a little clearer, but even with the footage slowed down, the objects are still moving too fast to make out what exactly they are.

I really don't think they are birds.

When you watch the video at normal speed, they are moving incredibly fast, way to fast for my mind to comprehend.  I truly believe these are real UFO's caught on video.

Watch the footage and then take the poll, let's see what Amarillo thinks about UFOs.  Are you a believer?