Whatever happened to the good ol days when Victoria Secret fashion shows were a time when a man could crack a beer, put on the show and mute the TV while cranking some jams in the background?

It seems like now a days these fashion shows have became just stupid!  The outfits?  Are we modeling women, or birds?  Did you see the outfits?  Flip through the gallery and take a look at some of the outfits modeled.  If my wife tried to wear this stuff to bed I think I would go to the couch!  How on earth are we supposed to cuddle or have a kinky time with your 8 foot wing span?  And aren't all those tings wrapped around your neck a chocking hazard?  These outfits have became a liability!

So I beg the question of you.  The Victoria Secret Fashion Show.  Is it ridiculously hot or just ridiculous?