We want to send you on a trip to L.A.  Yes, Kiss Fm has teamed up with KAMR and Wonderland Park to give you a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles, California!

If you can dance, then you want to listen carefully.  Kiss Fm, KAMR, and Wonderland Park are hosting the first ever Dance-a-thon!

Here is the deal, couples will come out on Fridays and compete against each other.  Then the winner will move on to the finals.  The winner of the finals will win a trip for two to Los Angeles, California!

We had another round last night and congrats to Cassie and Anicas for bringing their dance moves to the park.  They will be moving on to the finals.

If you are interested, you need to contact Kiss Fm either by phone (806) 320-0969 or through our Facebook Page.  Once you get signed up, we will give you specific instructions on the day and time you will compete.  We will be providing contestants handstamps so you can enjoy the park and rides.

If you make to the finals, you will compete on August 18th against the other finalists.

It is a trip for two to L.A.!  So get those dancing shoes ready and get signed up.  It is the first ever Dance-a-thon at Wonderland Park!

Don't miss your chance to go to L.A. on us!