Well apparently someone set a new record, and it wasn't me on "Recordsetter Wednesday".A record was set at Dulles Airport over the weekend: the most heroin ever recovered there from a human stomach.

This is NO JOKE and Do Not Try This At Home!!!!

U.S. Customs officers arrested a Nigerian woman who tried to sneak 180 thumb-sized pellets of drugs that she digested in her stomach.

Bola Adebisi, 52, arrived at Dulles from Nigeria on Wednesday, March 14. During a secondary inspection, Adebisi said she was going to stay with her brother, but was unable to provide her brother’s address, phone number or physical description, authorities said.

During a routine pat down  a female TSA was performing her regular duties and noticed that Adebisi’s stomach was abnormally rigid when she was wan-ding her down with the metal wand.A  X-ray at a local hospital discovered some hidden cargo, authorities said.

How a combined weight exceeding 100 grams of heroin was found in the passengers stomach. Authorities said she remained in the hospital until Saturday night

Adebisi is the infamous passenger that broke the record of trying to smuggle that much drugs thru customs. She will be prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia.