If you know Tracy, tell her congratulations!  She's cashing a HUGE check today as she correctly identified the secret sound in What The Bleep Is That.  We'll slap $17,000 in her hand, and we're just getting started!  Tomorrow morning on The Bert Show, the jackpot starts over at $1,000!  You curious as to what it was?

Her guess, "Double A battery rolling across a marble counter".

Of course, her guess what correct!

We LOVE giving away free money!  We LOVE giving away HUGE amounts of money.  And we especially LOVE it when a person who really needs the money wins!

When Tracy won the cash this morning, she told us what she was going to use the money for.  After hearing her story, we couldn't have been happier that she won the money!

Tracy is a cancer survivor, and plans to use the money to pay off doctor bills that she still owes money on.  With the leftovers, she'll be taking her daughters on a trip to Disney World!

That is awesome!

Congratulations Tracy, your hard worked paid off!

Listen to 96.9 KISS-FM tomorrow morning at 6:50 & 7:50 to hear the new secret sounder!  Be the 100th caller at 1-855-BERTSHOW (1-855-237-8746) and correctly identify it to get slapped in the hand with cash!


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