Halloween is such a fun holiday.  You get to dress up as different characters and monsters.  But not everyone can afford a costume so Kiss FM is going to be giving away costumes for the 2nd Annual Costume For Kids giveaway!

For the past couple weeks we have been taking donations for new or gently used costumes.  In our opinion Halloween is a kids holiday and each child should have a chance to dress up in a costume and have fun.

We will continue collecting donations until the day of the giveaway.  So if you come across a costume that you know you will never use again or if you find it in your heart to go and buy some costumes to donate, that would be greatly appreciated.  We don't want to leave out any kids.

We will be giving the costumes out on Tuesday, October 23rd.  We will begin passing them out at 6:00 pm.  It is on a first come first serve basis so you might want to get here a little early.  We are going to put a limit on two costumes per family so that we can help as many families as possible.

We have collected a ton of costumes so that we can help as many children as we can.  If you are needing help with costumes this year, we want to help!  And if you donated already, thank you so much.