Alicia Keys revealed she was almost a part of the girl group 3LW, which stands for 3 Little Women.

The Grammy winner made the surprise revelation about her musical past while answering the internet's most searched questions about her during a new episode of Wired's "Autocomplete Interviews" Thursday (June 18).

"My first band that I was in was just four of my homegirls from my neighborhood. I don’t even think we got to the place where we had a name," she said.

"My second band that I was in was kind of like one of these projects that are put together by people, and they heard I sang and they were like 'oh, maybe you could be a part of it.' It didn’t work out with me, but eventually, they came out," Keys explained.

She added, "I think their name was Little Women, but I was never part of that. I moved on and they moved on, that didn’t work out for me."

The band in question was made up of Cheetah Girls stars Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams and Power actress Naturi Naughton. The trio, who formed 3LW in 1999, released their first hit single "No More (Baby I’ma Do It Right)" in 2000.

Though Keys missed out on the chance to be part of a girl group, she found massive success on her own, debuting her smash hit, "Fallin’," in 2001. She later went on to win five Grammy Awards in 2002, including Best New Artist and Record of the Year.

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