Good and bad stories happen everyday, but this one is special because it happened in our very own town! 9-year-old Kyan Burns had a garage sale with all proceeds benefiting the High Plains Children's Home; but the story itself may be the cutest thing ever. This past week I got a chance to sit down with the whole Burns family. I had to hear how this fantastic story came about!  When speaking to Kyan's older brother Kayden, he shared:

"One day Kyan and I were watching the Disney Channel and a commercial for 'Disney's Friends for Change' came on and Kyan said that he wished that he could help all the kids with no shoes or clothes."

Thinking really nothing of it, a day went by when Kyan's mother Krystal came in to his bedroom to find him cleaning out his closet and separating all his toys.

Krystal asked, "Kyan, what are you doing?"

Kyan responded, "I want to have a garage sale to raise money and give my toys to the kids at the orphanage."

Since Amarillo doesn't have an "orphanage", Krystal thought the next best thing would be The High Plains Children's Home.

After some planing and some help from some other local kids they were ready for their garage sale.

The big day was finally here!

"We were shocked at how many people came by; I mean he didn't have that many items, most people just gave donations, and most people we didn't know at all. All I did was post it on twitter and instagram!" said Krystal.

By 3:00 p.m. all the toys were gone, all the lemonade was sold,  and over 200 dollars were raised!


Craig Howard, the Executive Director for the High Plains Children's Home was so impressed to hear about the boys hard work he offered to give Kayden and Kyan a tour ofthe facilities to see just were the money raised was going.

Photo Credit To Krystal Burns
Photo Credit To Krystal Burns

In true 9 year old fashion, Kyan presented the money in a shoe box.

If you want to follow Kyan's lead donate to the High Plains Children's Home here!

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