According to the FBI, Amarillo is one of the most dangerous city in Texas.

To most outsiders, Amarillo is seen as a small West Texas town with cowboys, tractors, and nothing else. It's the place George Strait is headed for his next rodeo and where Jason Aldean's depressed farmer stares into the sky from a wheat field. But there's a lot more going on in Amarillo than people realize.

Every city in Texas with over 100,000 people was compared according to crime rates. Amarillo broke the top ten in almost every category, except for murder, larceny-theft, and arson.

Amarillo is the most notorious for its high number of rape cases, which has been nationally recognized as one of the highest in the country.

This is bad news for Amarillo, as it had lower crime rates last year.

Even though Amarillo might seem like a safe place, especially if you've spent your whole life here, you can never be too careful.

See the full report from the FBI here.

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