The Amarillo Police Department has made case information available to the public, and as with most things online, it's just a click away!  Now citizens don't have to wait on lazy members of the media, like me, to get the information they're looking for.

The only thing this will make me do, is start getting the information up once it's released, so you won't have to go digging through their website for it.  Hey, you're busy, why not let me sift through all the articles for you?  If I can save you 10 minutes of your time, why not let me =)

Anyways, APD goes on about the new feature added to their website, and the question is, will it really benefit you to use this instead of what the media releases?

"The new feature enables the public to access the web based information directly.  The information that is posted includes dates of reports, complainant’s names and addresses when required by law, names of arrested persons, and address and a description of the incident. 

The posted information does not include information involving juvenile offenders, details and identities of persons involved in suicides or mental health cases, offenses involving child abuse or neglect, references to people that are suspects but who have not been arrested or charged in an offense, or identity of a victim or specific details in a reported sexual assault. "

I could be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure the releases issued to media does include the information that is excluded on this new website feature.  So maybe utilizing me and my postings isn't a bad thing...

If you wanna check out this new feature, go to and click on "public release" under "reports" (a drop down tab will appear)...or just click the button'll have to agree to an information disclaimer before you can access the section.  Just FYI, want you to be prepared for all things =)