I am a lover of dogs and since childhood, we have always had one in the family. As I have gotten older, I've still had dogs off and on. Unfortunately, I have also lost a few along the way, and I am still wanting to get another one. My wife tells me I have to show her I have more time before I can get another dog.

Well, I am sure this young lady was not expecting to run across a dog while making her delivery. As in any normal day, you're looking to make your rounds and then head to the next spot. Unfortunately, at this one location that was not the case. The home's dog decided it wanted to throw off her day and boy, did it. Check out the video below and while I'm sure it's not funny to her, I had to laugh a little when I watched it.

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It was great that the owner of the house came out to assist with helping her. I know I hear all of the time when I go and visit people that the dog is harmless and won't bite. But do they really know what the dog is capable of doing when they're not around? I am sure if the delivery driver has to make a stop at this house again, she is going to be a little more cautious and, I hate to say it, may be equipped with pepper spray. I love dogs with all my heart, but when it comes down to them or me, I got to get out of there by any means necessary.

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