UPDATE: On Thursday (November 23), a rep for Jeremy Piven answered the latest accusation of sexual misconduct against the 52-year-old Entourage star in the following statement provided by Entertainment Weekly:

Mr. Piven denies the situation falsely described. It did not happen. Mr. Piven took and passed a polygraph test to that effect. HBO has confirmed, with a public statement, that there has never been a single complaint about Mr. Piven arising from the production of Entourage, or otherwise.

Anastasia Taneie is not credible. It is understood that Anastasia Taneie has various aliases, and is a/k/a Anastasia Sotomayor, and a/k/a Anastasia Kisling, who is reported to have been arrested for felony burglary and spent time in jail involving a scam to rip-off and harm another man, in which she was alleged to have gotten the victim to go out on a date with her while her accomplices burglarized his home.

Ms. Taneie is understood to have been recruited by porn actress Ms. Bellamar to make accusation against Mr. Piven. (see, e.g., https://www.sportsplusshow.com/ariane-bellamar-exhibit d and https://www.sportsplusshow.com/beyond-the-tweets-5).  Ms. Bellamar’s lack of credibility has been well documented (https://theblast.com/jeremy-piven-polygraph-test-accusations-arianne-bellamar/)

Given all the foregoing, this person is not a reliable or credible source.  Mr. Piven, on the other hand, passed a polygraph test confirming the allegations are baseless and continues to maintain his innocence.

Another woman has come forward with claims of sexual assault against Entourage actor Jeremy Piven.

In a recent report by BuzzFeed News published Wednesday (November 22), actress Anastasia Taneie chronicled an uncomfortable encounter with the actor during her time as an extra on the HBO series in April 2009.

Taneie claims that, while conversing during a filming break with Piven amongst a group of women, he pulled her aside and into a dark, closed-off area before forcing her to a wall and proceeded to grope her breasts and genitals against her wishes. The actress, who was 23-years-old at the time of the alleged incident, stated the actor then had her removed from the set by the assistant director for supposedly coming on to him.

Another background actress named Araceli Giacoman, who was present during the initial conversation as well, claimed she witnessed Taneie being whisked away by Piven to an unknown location on set. Giacoman remarked that the actress had been being away longer than she expected,  which raised some suspicions. She also remembers Taneie returning to their holding room looking “a little distraught,” “scared” and “shaken.”

“I didn’t want to make a scene. I just wanted to go home,” Taneie expressed of the assault. “It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever experienced.”

When contacted to give a comment pertaining to any complaints about the performer or the alleged assault, HBO provided the following statement: “We reviewed our records and did not receive any complaints against Jeremy Piven on Entourage.”

Piven, who has denied all of the sexual assault claims made upon him in the past, even arranged to have his attorneys prepare test results of a polygraph test (taken November 13) that would absolve him of any crime of sexual misconduct.

“I would never force myself on a woman,” Piven told BuzzFeed in response to the accusations. “I cannot speak as to why a person would create a story like this.”

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