Telling time is something we all do, usually everyday. How you go about telling time is a different matter. Some folks opt for a clock on their cell phone or a simple watch, while other spend thousands of dollars on an expensive Rolex.

The good news — for people who want to stand out from the ho-hum crowd — is that you can find lots of funky, funny, cool and creative watches out there that will let you define your personal style, and show off your quirky side.

Here are 10 of the coolest, and most unique watches around — or at least concept watches on the drawing board — that will help you tell time in style.

  • 1

    Devon Steampunk Tread

    Steampunk is already inherently cool and idiosyncratic. The Devon Steampunk Tread is one of the most expensive watches on our list, coming in at around $25,000, yet if you’ve got the green, and love timepieces, you’ll want to get your hands on one of these square-shaped, bedazzling and visually stunning chronometers.

    The peculiar design of the Tread is an excellent example of killer Steampunk aesthetics fashioned into precision technology, all for the pleasure of the watch-owning connoisseur.

  • 2


    The AoTimeFlexa is a simple idea that will have people doing a double-take when they see this watch stuck on your wrist or perhaps your forehead. It’s a bendable, self-gumming timepiece that you can stick to your skin or clothing, which makes it perfect for long swims, working out, or skin tight catsuits with no pockets — if you’re into wearing catsuits, that is. This disposable watch is still in the design phase, but with any luck, someone will start cranking out these chic, gummy clocks very soon.

  • 3

    Tokyoflash Kisai Neutron Watch

    If you dig science fiction, and gadgets that have a futuristic vibe, then you’ll love the Tokyoflash Kisai Neutron Watch.

    It’s a high-tech LED wristwatch with a motion detector built inside of it that allows you to check the time just by flicking your wrist, rather than touching any actual buttons. Color bands light up and pulse along the length of the watch, scrolling along the unusual display. It might be a little more complicated to read than a normal watch, but that’s the price you pay for your beloved geekiness.

  • 4

    'Doctor Who' Watch

    Speaking of fanboys, sci-fi devotees might like to get hold of the Doctor Who Watch. While the watch itself isn’t as revolutionary as the Devon Steampunk Tread, it’s still pretty darn cool.

    The hands of this funky timepiece are shaped like sonic screwdrivers, which propel a miniature TARDIS (Doctor Who’s time-traveling police box, for the “Who” uninitiated) around the face of the watch. Best of all, you can get one of these stylish universe-hopping watches for less than 40 bucks.

  • 5

    Diesel DZ9044

    The Diesel DZ9044 is so uber-cool that when you’re wearing one, it looks like you don’t care what time it is.

    The illusion comes from the fact that when you first take a gander at the sleek face, it seems like nothing is there. That’s because the time-keeping parts are actually on the side of the watch — and impressively enough, track the hour in four separate time zones, even at an underwater depth of more than 300 feet (for the hardcore divers out there), should you choose to wear it while you take a swim.

  • 6

    Green Geek Power Watch

    The name here says it all: the Green Geek Power Watch is the watch of choice for geeks, as well as men and women who adore the color green.

    It’s a remarkably tough watch, constructed out of stainless steel, that tells time via a lacework pattern of glowing green kryptonite-like lines stretching along the elongated face in a diamond pattern. It might take you a little while to get used to this superhero-like chronometer, but once you do, you’ll be transformed into the hero of your very own nerd paradise.

  • 7

    Azimuth Chrono Gauge Black Swiss Automatic

    If you could turn a Ferrari into a watch, it would be the Azimuth Chrono Gauge Black Swiss Automatic. This singular, and very impressive, man’s wristwatch is for gentlemen — or their super generous friends — who don’t mind spending four or five thousand dollars on a timepiece.

    The face of this watch looks like a speedometer in a sports car, with various small analog “windows” telling you the time and date. This is a rugged watch that will impress your style-conscious friends, as well as keep accurate time.

  • 8

    Liquid Time

    Here’s another concept watch that hasn’t come out yet, but if and when it does, it will surly become an object of envy for contending fashionistas everywhere.

    Liquid Time’s contorted design looks like it came from Salvador Dali himself. The hourglass shape of this piece of ultramodern jewelry becomes even more eye-catching thanks to the “melting” time numbers that materialize across the digital surface. If you love art and watches, then you should pray to the watch gods that this glossy chronometer makes it to your favorite store someday.

  • 9

    Seiko 'Star Wars' Watches

    Seiko is the king of outer space cool with its line of Star Wars Watches. With creative designs inspired by Darth Vader’s fashion sensibilities, Stormtrooper style, robot (R2-D2 and C-3PO) functionality, the evil face of Darth Maul, and even Yoda himself you’re bound to find something that strikes your fancy here.

    These Japanese watches aren’t the cheap and easily breakable Star Wars watches you might have had as a kid. They’re precision timepieces that let you expressed your own version of “The Force,” right there on your wrist.

  • 10

    Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch

    Maybe you’re not the kind of person who likes to wear a wristwatch, but you don’t want to use your cell phone to tell the time either. Well, the Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch just might be perfect for you.

    This pocket watch looks like an old fashioned chronometer on the outside, but once you open it up, you’ll be treated to a futurist touchscreen interface, with various color modes, and of course, an elegant digital screen that will let you know what time it is. At the very least, this unique pocket watch will be a great conversation starter.

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