"The United States has 58 national parks. While millions visit every year, some are more popular than others. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited every year with around 11 million visitors. Which park is second with around 5 million visitors?"

In this Phone Tap, Jubal calls a college professor who teaches leadership training. Which of Jubal’s characters could use some more leader qualities? Duncan of course! Does Duncan have that instinctual leader quality or does this professor have her hands full?

Jubal calls a middle school teacher who allows a speaker to come to school and speak to the kids. Jubal is their upcoming speaker for the week and he calls ahead to go over the topics he intends to speak about, namely, all the ABSOLUTELY TRUE conspiracy theories he believes.

One of our listeners is in the doghouse. Any guy will tell you the only thing worse than being put in the dog house is being in the dog house and having no idea why. We’ll find out what got him in trouble in this Awkward Tuesday Phone Call.

Jamie and Mackenzie's night ended when her friend happened to run into the EXACT same bar they were in with a huge EMERGENCY. Seems like a classic date blowoff but Jamie is adamant that it had to be real. She wouldn't do that to him. So which is it? Is the emergency real or did Mackenzie need a way to escape?