Not that Vogue came out and did a segment on the Cadillac Ranch, but they did use the world famous land-mark for a background in a photo shoot and I gotta say that it looks really awesome!

The fashion magazine made it's way through the Texas Panhandle back in December for the photo shoot, which is featured in the March issue.

The high-fashion clothing worn by the model mixed with the bright colors of the incredibly abstract piece of art made out for a very powerful combination.

It has that kinda of Texas attitude mixed with New York fashion meets wild art exhibit look. Kind of hard to explain, but cool as all heck non the less!  And some how they made it through on a day when it wasn't freaking stupid windy!  Lucky for them right!

Welcome to Amarillo!  Now here's some dirt for your eyes!

Anyways, it's pretty cool for Vogue to pay us a visit and show some love to Amarillo.

Check out the full story and get a glimpse of the pictures here at Amarillo Globe News.