It's like a marry go round of relationships in the celebrity world.  Must be rough to have way to much money and so many people your whoring around with!  Even the guys, geesh have some morals, stop sleeping with everyone in sight!  And what's up with this most unlikely couple of the year?  Cameron Diaz and Sean "Diddy" Combs?  Seriously?  It's just a little hot, taboo, interracial love!  Hey, I'm in an interracial relationship so I get to say that!

The way I look at it for myself, I am going to give this world "tomorrow babies" with my wife.  She's very brown, almost black, and I'm as white as they come!  Together, we make the future!  Yeah, think about that while your taking gravity bong hits tonight!

Moving on to the topic of the blog, Cameron Diaz and Diddy had lunch together last month.  Of course, 2 celebrities can't have lunch together without the world automatically turning it into a "sex scandal" of some sort.

I shrugged it off as I usually do these things.  I just find it easier to lower my expectations that way I don't get disappointed.  Well now, it's being reported that Cameron was at Marble Lane in New York on Saturday with some friends when Combs showed up around 1:15am and started buying drinks. Then they danced and “made out” for the next two hours.  It is believed there was also some dry humping involved.   Okay I made up that last part.