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The Truth About Make-Up Sex
Have you ever wondered why, after a heated argument with your romantic partner, he or she suddenly looks so amazingly hot?
Romantic conflict often increases feelings of sexual desire, and researchers now believe they have a good theoretical explanation as to why...
LA Fitness Gym Banned This Guy For Life After His Video
When you are at the gym you tend to get into the zone, lifting, running and jumping. Well this guy Kevin was so into the zone, he forgot that the gym closed early and not late. His story started out on his Snap-chat, showing him working out, hooping some basketball, then he decide to take a rest ins…
84 Year Old Man Out Lifts The Younger Muscle Beach Guys!
Ok, so, the title says it all. Yes, this 84-year-old guy, wanted to put his strength to the test. So why not take a trip to the all famous Muscle Beach in California, he did showcase his strength. See the video and all the shocked faces watching.

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