Amarillo PD: Shirtless man breaks into business. VIDEO.
A suspected burglar who ditched his shirt is wanted by the Amarillo Police Department after security camera footage appears to catch him prowling around a business.
According to an Amarillo Police Department news release, the shirtless man was caught on camera burglarizing a business close to the 900…
[Video] Some List For 2018 You Do Not Want To Gamble On
Today on Behind The Mic with D.B. Nyce, we kick off 2018 with a bang. This one lady doesn't want you to gamble. But guess how she scored some big cash and prizes. You will never guess. There are words that are SO last year. D.B. has the list of those words. Plus, a list of things that were arou…
[Video] What Do You Do When People Bring Food To You In Your Car?
We have a Behind The Mic with D.B. Nyce bonus video for you with a Hot Topic question. Today, I went to Mcdonald's on Western with my son. I saw that Mcdonalds has a new app where you can pre-order your food and they will bring it out to your car. I tried it and it worked great. But then I rea…
[VIDEO] Bad Habits We Have In The Bedroom
When people were asked, what bothers you the most in the bedroom? This is what they said. Today on Behind The Mic with D.B. Nyce, D.B. will read off what people said bother them the most in the bedroom.
Ghosts – Are They Real Or Not? [Video]
Halloween is roughly 3 and half weeks away and  this video was freaking people out, they were saying there is a ghost in their house. The question is do you believe in this or even ghosts?

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