The cat's out of the bag: there are lots of felines out there terrified by that most terrifying of foods, the cucumber.

Finally, someone has done the dirty work of putting together a video featuring cats getting scared when they encounter a cucumber. Look at the way these pets nearly jump out of their skin when they spot one. It's almost like cucumbers are so frightening they can be considered the Freddy Krueger of the culinary world among the animal kingdom.

Who knew the cucumber -- key salad ingredient and beloved friend of dieters everywhere -- had this kind of effect? Someone ought to put a zucchini squash on the ground to see if it has the same impact.

And side note: wouldn't Mr. Cucumber make the perfect name for a cat? You'd think that after watching this some crazy cat lady would go out and buy a new pet to keep Edward Scissorpaws, Fuzz Lightyear and Goober McFatkins company.

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