Well we all saw this cell phone ban coming I think.  With Canyon, TX recently approving a cell phone ban, it was only a matter of time before Amarillo decided to take a look at the matter.

Amarillo traffic commission proposed a city wide ban on hand held cell phones while in vehicles.

The proposition has now moved on to the Amarillo City Commission for consideration.

An ordinance is currently being drafted which will be presented to the Commission for them to decide the fate of it.

I would bet my paycheck that this ban will be approved.

Amarillo is about to blow $113 million on a down town restoration project and they'll need to get the money from something, mainly you, so my guess is they'll approve it, and start passing out fines left and right!

There is a BIG difference between this proposed ban in Amarillo and the passed ban that was approved in Canyon.

This Amarillo ban will include talking on your phone!

Yeah, this isn't a text ban, this is a general cell phone ban!

I firmly believe a text/email/web ban on cell phones in vehicles needs to be approved, but talking on a cell phone? Really?

Oh and you know this will exclude police officers and other emergency vehicles, just like the current school zone ban that's already in effect does.  That's stupid, the people that above all should stay off their cell phones while driving are the ones that will be allowed to use them still!  Don't cop cars and fire trucks/ambulances have CB radios in them?  What did they stop working or something?

I think they are over thinking this one, what about you?

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