A few weeks ago, 'Mad Men' series creator Matthew Weiner finally opened up about the AMC drama's purposefully-vague "next time" promos, which take the series' anti-spoiler policies to often absurd and nonsensical heights to tease the following week's storylines. Now, Conan O'Brien has decided to get in on the action with his own vague promos for 'Conan,' and the results are nothing less than spot-on.

Like any 'Mad Men' episode (or 'Game of Thrones,' as the late-night host points out), the clips feature completely over-dramatized non-sequiturs between Conan and Andy Richter that reveal next to nothing about upcoming installments of the series, yet somehow give the impression of a coherent storyline. Oh, and there's a werewolf, because of course there is.

It'll be a good long while before we get any more of our favorite nonsensical promos from the real 'Mad Men,' which enters its seventh and final season in 2014, likely to keep matters locked down more tightly than ever before. In the meantime, you can find 'Conan' weeknights on TBS.

And you can check out Conan's 'Mad Men' spoof in the video above, and give us your thoughts in the comments! Are 'Mad Men''s no-spoiler policies doing the series any favors, or just making it a punchline?

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