This past Sunday's 'Dexter' episode "Scar Tissue" saw the conflicts between both Dexter and Deb as well as Dexter and Vogel come to a head, but when one of them becomes threatened by the Brain Surgeon, old wounds are quickly forgotten. Showtime has released the first clips from this coming Sunday's 'Dexter' episode "This Little Piggy," but who's in the biggest danger of all?

Judging by the first clip from Sunday's all-new episode, Dexter and Deb seem to have largely patched things up, at least in the interest of rescuing Dr. Vogel from an apparent kidnapping from the escaped Brain Surgeon. Meanwhile in the second clip, the titular blood spatter analyst apparently has a new fan in investigating the latest case, one which might suggest an ominous bond going forward.

From Showtime's official press description of "This Little Piggy":

Dr. Vogel comes into contact with the “Brain Surgeon”; Dexter and Deb try to keep the doctor safe; Masuka learns he has a daughter.

Of course, the last time we checked things between Dexter and Dr. Vogel weren't going so well either, so will our favorite Showtime serial killer elect to save his spiritual mother? Watch the newest clips from 'Dexter''s final season above and below, and give us your predictions for the second half of the season in the comments!

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