We all have annoying neighbors -- the guy who mows his lawn in shorty shorts at 7am on Saturday morning or that older lady who floods our mailbox with "help me find a home" cat flyers that makes us hate cats as much as junk mail. What about the family who blasts gospel music so loud that nearby residents can even hear it?

Sure that’s a little annoying, but after seeing Bob hairy legs next door with his cheeks hanging out jean shorts, we could easily deal with some church music. But recently, a Sacramento family’s charming neighbor wasn’t feeling as generous. The guy decided to take matters into his own hands and do what any genius revenge-seeker would’ve done; he set up a big-screen TV in his backyard and turned on a porno flick at full volume.

We’re not exactly sure how the neighbors responded, but we’re guessing they didn’t come over with fruit salad to join in on the wam bam thank you ma’am viewing. Yes, these gospel-lovers probably need to spice up their lives a bit. What's with hanging inside their house blaring god tunes for twelve hour stretches? That raises major suspicion. At the same time, we have to give it to this frustrated neighbor. It’s somehow never crossed our minds to create such a brilliant setup of porn-watching on the deck.

We could just kick back and relax in a lounger, grab a beer, and enjoy the beautiful sounds of nature and porn. Just like the good lord said in the bible. He did. Look it up.

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