They shop for groceries, fold laundry and sneakily sort through their boyfriends' ex-wives' social media profiles: Celebrities, they really are just like us!

Gwen Stefani, who's dating Miranda Lambert's ex-husband (and fellow Voice coach) Blake Shelton, turned some web-heads recently when she went ahead and liked one of Lambert's tweets. This is a little strange for a few reasons:

1) Stefani doesn't follow Lambert (Lambert, though, does follow Stefani).

2) Stefani likes fewer than 70 tweets.

3) The pertinent tweet links to an Instagram post that features Lambert, Lambert's grandmother and the caption "Her name embroidered inside is priceless. A family heirloom I will cherish forever. I'm so thankful for her and all the things I have learned from her. Nonny is strong, beautiful, feisty and most of all, loving."

So should the gesture just be chalked up to something sweet? Or, is this a case of subversive foul play? Welp, the Twitter universe, a high school cafeteria of sorts, immediately picked up on the move, and began sorting through theories and possibilities.

"So are they friends or is it a game?" @CassieDiLaura posed, while @RPGNewsroom insisted " Thank u for liking the real love between a granddaughter & grandmother. No drama here Internet. Just tru love."

What do you make of Gwen liking Miranda's tweet? Share any and all conspiracy theories in the comments.

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