Imagine this if you will: What would happen if the characters from 'Harry Potter' (Harry, Ron & Hermione) came face-to-face with the characters from 'Twilight' (Bella, Edward, Jacob)? If they decided to settle things through an epic fantasy dance battle, who would come out on top?

That's what the musical duo of Scott & Brendo set out to figure out with their latest song and video, 'Harry Potter vs. Twilight.' The comedic musical video parody has become a viral sensation since its release on July 3, which has amassed more than 600,000 YouTube views in just four days.

'Harry Potter vs. Twilight' initially begins with Harry, Ron and Hermione venturing into the woods where they run into Bella, Edward and Jacob. When both crews claim that the other has ventured into their territory, we see Hagrid come out from the shadows and suggest a dance off to settle things.

From there, we see an epic battle between the two franchises that might as well be 'Step Up' for fantasy lovers. The dance moves by both crews are pretty amazing and the song lyrics are just as incredible, with such gems as, "Yo, we the Hogwarts crew / Gotta wand that I know how to use / Avada Kadavra / So long, yep I gonna blast ya."

Scott & Brendo, who have filmed and recorded other dance battle parodies, such as 'Star Wars vs. Star Trek,' write, produce and film their own videos which can be seen on their Facebook page.

Click on the video above to check it out.

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