It must be difficult to be a celebrity who gets recognized every time you venture out for one small chore or another. Grocery shopping? Tabloid fodder. Walking your dog? Evening entertainment news. Hell, even just stopping by Starbucks for a crisp cup of iced green tea is simply another opportunity to be recognized by the masses, which is exactly what happened to Helen Hunt this week... sorta.

It was just another delightful Monday (May 23) afternoon for the Academy Award-winning actress when she stopped by a Starbucks to order a refreshing beverage. As she recounted so succinctly on Twitter, Hunt ordered her drink and "asked the barista if she wanted [her] name." The cashier ringing up the leading lady's order then winked and said, "We gotcha," presumably indicating that she had recognized Hunt and therefore already knew what to write on the cup.

Boy, was she wrong. When the barista handed over the drink, it was not "Helen" scrawled across the container in black Sharpie, but another name: "Jody," as in Jodie Foster.

"We gotcha." ;)

Thankfully, Hunt—who has starred in films like Twister, As Good As It Gets, and Cast Away, was not seen in Taxi Driver, The Accused, or The Silence of the Lambs—took the small ego blow in stride, sharing the misspelled, mis-recognized mix-up on Twitter, along with a hashtag shouting out her fellow Oscar-winning Hollywood doppelgänger.

Meanwhile, the coffee corporation has since apologized, albeit punnily, for their employee's otherwise harmless error.

Hey, it happens. And who knows? Perhaps somewhere, at this very moment, Leelee Sobieski is crying salty, frustrated tears into a grande caramel macchiato labeled "Helena."

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