Just an ordinary night with the Tascosa highschool cheerleaders stopping by the Kiss Fm Radiostation. Amarillo highschool, Tascosa Rebels Cheerleaders, had a blast hanging with Tommy The Hacker at the Kiss Fm studios during the "Amarillo's Most Downloaded Songs" countdown show. Everyone took pictures together in the studio and uploaded to Facebook, Instragram, and Twitter.

Within minutes I was getting swamped with messages from people saying, "Look at the hidden face in the window!"

I couldn't see it clearly till someone took a screen-shot of the picture and put arrows at the exact place where people were seeing some kind of image of a creepy face.

Take a look...


property of Kiss Fm


property of Kiss FM

3. Now take a CLOSER look...

So, what's your opinion now? When these pics were floating around on Facebook I couldn't see the image, but I can definitely see it now! That totally looks like something creepy.