What the hail is going on!  Well it's not snowing between Amarillo and Dumas, that white stuff on the ground is hail!  Highway 287 from Amarillo to Dumas is literally flooded with hail right now, causing a major traffic jam that stretches for miles and miles.

The best advice for now is you just wait to head home to Dumas.

The hail is 2-3 inches thick on the highway, making for a very slippery surface.

What happens is the sun heats up the oils in the highway and they kind of make their way to the top of the surface, then the wet stuff hits and the mixture is nasty.  You have an already saturated surface covered in oils and water sitting on top of that, causing hydroplaning, making it very difficult to keep your car straight!

Avoid HWY 287 for the time being and just let the storms clear before you make your way to Dumas, TX.  Keep it KISS for all the updates on your radio with me and Tommy the Hacker!

The Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles are both under a tornado watch until 10pm tonight.  Be careful out there in those white out conditions!

Photo courtesy of Pro News 7, make sure you hit them up on Facebook and thank them for the photo in the form of hitting the like button :)  click here for that!

Here are links to some more crazy pictures of the covered highway.

**287 is closed south of Dumas and will remain that way till things clear up.  Hail is now 4-6 inches deep!  Also, I just got a call from John of Amarillo (at 5:20pm) who told me he saw a tornado forming about 2 miles outside of Fritch right off the Fritch Highway, so it's building up folks!  Be safe please!**

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