The coronavirus pandemic has caused rappers in the U.S. and countries around the world to be on lockdown, staying indoors as much as possible. As a result, that leaves them with more time on their hands than usual. When boredom strikes, most people head to social media, whether it's to see whats going on elsewhere, post videos or images of themselves, or go on Instagram Live. Rappers, producers and DJs have been really creative with the downtime as of late, hosting talent shows, beat battles and doing live DJ sets. There's been a fair share of hilarious moments, too, which is a welcome distraction from the crazy situation we are all in.

Whether it's Swizz Beatz calling in to Sean Garrett's songwriters battle against The-Dream or Tory Lanez setting up a girl in his IG Live for a funny punchline, times like these allow artists to let their personalities shine. There is also clearly a demand to see rappers relaxed in their crib; most of these Instagram Lives have logged thousands of viewers.

Some of the biggest stories on Instagram Live have come from the various song battles that have gone down. We've seen two living legends in Timbaland and Swizz Beatz go at it, producers Boi-1da versus Hit-Boy, and even the aforementioned R&B bout between Sean Garrett and The-Dream, who have given hip-hop plenty of bangers—The-Dream's demo version of Jay-Z's "Holy Grail" included. Rap and R&B have been interlocked for decades now, so it's not out of the ordinary to see rappers in all of the comments of these battles, whether they are tied to hip-hop or not. Hopefully, more battles are on the way.

Check out some of Hip-Hop's Funniest Instagram Live Moments During Coronavirus Quarantine below.

  • T.I. and Travis Scott Are Fed Up With Sean Garrett

    On March 28, as a follow-up to producers Boi-1da and Hit-Boy doing a song battle on Instagram Live, Timbaland and Swizz Beatz decided to shed some light on songwriters. This led to a song battle between two of R&B's most prolific writers, Sean Garrett and The-Dream, on IG.

    Sean seemed to be a bit out of sorts in the start of the battle, and some rappers weren't feeling it, namely T.I. and Travis Scott.

    "Back up off us CUZZ," T.I. wrote in the Instagram Live comments, referring to Sean's decision to be very close to the camera.

    For Travis, he was fed up with the delayed start and Sean's antics. "Can we get a hit boy and boi - 1da round 2 fuck this.," he wrote.

  • Lil Yachty Convinces Fan to Drink Dog Food and Milk

    Lil Yachty has always had a charismatic personality, so it's nothing for him to rack up viewers on Instagram Live. During quarantine, he threw his own IG Live talent show, which basically devolved into a game of Truth or Dare, without the Truth.

    Here, he convinces a fan to eat dog food; Yachty's ridiculous reaction is worth the watch.

  • Swae Lee Fights "Fan" Who Rushes the Stage

    Two weeks ago, earlier on in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, Swae Lee had the idea to have his own concert, strictly for IG Live.

    In addition to crowd-surfing and "catching" bras in the empty studio, a fan in the form of a stuffed teddy bear rushed the stage as he performed his French Montana collab, "Unforgettable."

    Luckily, Swae defended himself and got away safely.

  • Swizz Beatz Makes Sure Timbaland Washes His Hands

    During their friendly beat battle on IG Live, Timbaland made a quick run to the bathroom and returned to the cameras with Swizz Beatz. As soon as he got back, Swizz questioned if the lauded producer washed his hands and jokingly accuses him of not regularly doing it. Two old friends.

  • Boosie BadAzz Turns His Instagram Live Antics Into a Song

    Leave it to Boosie BadAzz to capitalize on his Instagram Live moment to the fullest. The rapper has been going the X-rated route during the coronavirus quarantine by offering to pay women $1,000 to show their body parts. However, Instagram officials put a stop to the madness by warning him that nudity wasn't allowed after things got wild on Live. So what did Boosie do? He went and made a song about it.

  • Tory Lanez Delivers Hilarious Joke While Hanging Up on Fan

    Tory Lanez has fashioned himself as something of a radio show host during the lockdown with his Quarantine Radio. On his Instagram Live, the rapper started to ask women to twerk, and they obliged. One of his fans didn't want to, and he told her she'd have to do something "extraordinary."

    She didn't come up with anything, and Tory ushered her out in the most comical way imaginable. You'll never look at a closet the same again.

  • Diddy Makes Fun of Swizz Beatz's Phone Connection

    Much is made of celebrities secretly lurking on social media, as some of them clearly pay attention to the same things we do. Swizz Beatz and Timbaland's beat battle on IG Live last week was huge on the internet, which also attracted some big dogs.

    Diddy couldn't miss the battle, nor could he miss a chance to point out Swizz's bad phone reception. "Swizz WiFi ASAP," the Bad Boy head honcho wrote.

  • Sean Garrett Receives a Reminder to Drink Water

    If you had a chance to watch Sean Garrett and The-Dream's during his Instagram Live battle last week, there were quite a few comments and convos online that discussed Sean behaving a little erratically.

    To help get the show going as it should, Swizz Beatz—a man who always supports some good competition—hit Sean's phone and gave him a pep talk, so he could get it together and not lose to the songwriting juggernaut on the other side.

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