We all remember playing dress up as a little girl.  Wearing mom's high heals, dresses, and yes playing in her make-up.  It is cute and there are probably pictures in some album.  But how old should a girl be before she is allowed to wear make-up?

I'll be the first to admit that I like make-up.  I don't wear a lot, but without mascara I wouldn't have any eyelashes.  I'd feel naked without it.  I only use a full face of make-up on special occasions and even then, it is limited to lipstick and a little blush.

I don't have any daughters, but I do have a ton of nieces.  My oldest niece has been asking her mom constantly to please allow her to wear make-up.  My sister keeps refusing.  I understand that it is my sister's decision, but I feel she is being a hypocrite.  My mom allowed us all to wear some make-up once we were in sixth grade.  Not tons of make-up, but an eyeliner and lip gloss.  You know minimal but still make-up.

My niece is in the 7th grade and my sister will not budge on the topic.  She wants her to wait until she is at least 15.  Although that is only two years away, to a 13 year old that is a lifetime.

So what is the typical age that girls are allowed to wear make-up?  At what age did you get to wear make-up?

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