With the disaster happening in Moore, Oklahoma we are looking for Amarillo to help the people that are affected by the tornado. We are starting a tornado relief drop-off to help all the families affected by this disaster.  We will be taking donations until Wednesday, May 22nd at 10 pm.

As you heard on the news, 51 lives were lost and hundreds of people are injured. And as Cassidyy the intern said, this was a NATURAL disaster unlike a bombing or shooting and there is no one to blame it on and nothing anyone could of done about it to prevent it.

So Kiss FM, Absolute Lawn Care, and On The Spot Mobile Detailing are teaming up, but we need YOUR HELP!

We are setting up a drop-off location at the Kiss FM studios (6214 SW 34th Amarillo, 79109) with trailers waiting to be filled up with your donations such as -

1.Toiletries (Shampoo, Soap, Tooth Brush, Ect.)

2.Baby Wipes

3. Diapers

4.Baby formula

5.Coloring Books

6.Teddy Bears

7.Bottled Water/Gatorade

8. Power Strips


10.Canned Food

And if you were wanting to make a monetary donation, here are some other ways to help:

Text 'Food' to 323333 to help the Oklahoma Regional food Bank.

Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10

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