Elle King tells Billboard magazine that she was in shock when she found out that she was nominated for two Grammys. ''I was in shock. I woke up, me and my bassist watched Alicia Keys announcing the names [on Monday's CBS This Morning], and I didn't hear my name called in those four categories, and so I was devastated. And then my mom called and was like, "Baby, it's OK, there's going to be other Grammys." And I was like, "Wait! I'm pretty sure there are other [categories]! I'm going to look at the website." And I saw my name, and then my manager called and we started jumping up and down. My tour manager came and screamed. I'm pretty sure we woke up all of the Hilton. We popped some champagne. I stared at the ceiling for about an hour and a half in shock, and now I'm pacing back and forth with excitement.''

Source:  Sheethappens Prep Service

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