A church that has stood in Texas for over a century, would suddenly sit on the Mexico side of the wall.

Over in the Mission, Texas, the La Lomita Chapel has been standing since 1899. The border wall is a debate in our country right now. The current plan for the wall and where it would sit would put this church on the Mexico 'side' of the wall. Everything south of the Rio Grande River levy would be put on that side of the wall.

Along with the border wall, a new road would go up along it. Allowing access to border patrol vehicles to quickly go up and down the wall for security. This new road would be right behind the La Lomita Chapel. Obviously, people don't want to be put on the other side of the wall and many locals interviewed don't even want the wall.

We will see how this all plays out. The church has a court date coming up in February to prevent that section of the wall from being built.

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