At one point or another we have all either lost our wallet or found someone's wallet.  What do you do?  The right thing would be to return it, but how many of us do?

The other day, my friend's daughter wanted to go shopping.  She had just had a birthday so she had a lot of money to spend, so we took her.  Not even an hour into our shopping trip she lost her purse.  She was devastated.  She lost all of her birthday money.

Trying to make her feel better I told her that maybe someone will find it and return it.  I really didn't think that would happen, but I wanted to make her feel better.  At that point, we decided to take her for a pedicure and then home.

She was so upset.  So when her mom got a call the next day saying they found a purse that had this number inside, we couldn't believe it.  Some random person took time to find a number and call to return the purse.

It made not only her day, but mine as well.  The person did not want to be identified, just wanted to return the purse to the owner.  The purse was returned with everything in its place and nothing missing.

This not only made their day, but mine as well.  It just goes to show that the world is still filled with amazing, wonderful people.

So what would you do if you found a wallet or purse?