Though it may not speak for the 3D boom entire, we're happy to report that 'Independence Day' will not be getting the 3D re-release in the summer of 2013. To be honest, we hoped it would never happen.

This comes from the Exhibitor Relations Twitter account (h/t to Collider for pointing this out), who don't suggest that the project has been delayed, but that Fox doesn't plan on releasing it, period. For those hoping this is a trend, they do confirm the release dates for the rest of the 3D-ified prequel trilogy with 'Attack of the Clones' due out 9/20/13  and 'Revenge of the Sith' on 10/4/13. Those dates are pretty close together, so it could be that most of the work is done and they just want to dump them on the market (pesky contractual agreements and all). The 3D reissue of 'The Phantom Menace only made $43 Million, so those 3D re-releases may be doomed to low grosses, and this may be the last gasp.

Perhaps the numbers on reissues don't add up. The outlier is 'Titanic,' which scored $53 Million domestic (but an impressive $285 million internationally), while Disney seemed to peak with 'The Lion King,' which made $177 Million worldwide, but 'Beauty and the Beast' only made $62 Million, while 'Finding Nemo' netted just $53 Million. If the studio's only upfront cost is paying for the conversion, those aren't bad numbers, but they are doing one thing: trending down. And with 'Monsters Inc.' 3D due this Christmas, it's possible that it will be the last 3D reissue.

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