I stumbled across this very eerie article that talks about a game from 2005, Shattered Union, giving what many conspiracy theorists are calling a glimpse into the future of our country.  From the re-election of the 44th president of the USA, to nuclear strikes on DC, to a Texas secession forming the Republic of Texas and just little, creepy things that seem to be what we are on a path to.  Not on the path of the righteous, but maybe a path to the next United States civil war!

On the website, Before It's News, there is a very well written article that is guaranteed to creep you out!

Before It's News:

The video game Shattered Union from 2005 predicted a 2012 sham election in which the incumbent was re-elected to his 2nd term, leading to a nuclear strike on Washington, DC on inauguration day 2013 killing the president and most of Congress. Also included is a civil war in the United States and a secession movement across America led by Texas and California.

If only half of the events in this minute and a half long video game preview come true, we are in deep, deep trouble. The way it’s beginning to play out is quite disturbing…

And the path we are on, it's almost like a well placed plan, and the creepy thing is, this little preview of this video game, while it may to some seem like just a coincidence, to others, it's a scary prediction of our future.

You decide!  Watch the video below and get ready to get the chills!