For most people living in the great state of Texas, the last thing you want to do is break the law. Not only because you don’t want to deal with the consequences but also because law enforcement here in Texas take their job seriously. I’m fortunate to say the only interaction with law enforcement I have ever had is just being pulled over for speeding. Texas law enforcement stays busy with more serious crimes, but did you know that you could get in trouble for where you take some photos here in Texas? 

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It’s true, for various reasons there are specific places where no one can take pictures. As you scroll down a little bit we will get into the specifics of these locations and situations where you’re not allowed to take out your camera and get the perfect shot. Most of these places have strict rules about no photography just due to safety and making sure no one puts themselves or others in danger. 

Will You Get Arrested for Taking Pictures in Texas? 

If you're seen taking pictures in these locations, most likely law enforcement will just ask you to leave, it’s possible that you could receive a fine for not following the rules. So, avoid the headache all together and make sure you avoid going to these places to take pictures. 

Let’s Look at Where You Can’t Take Pictures in Texas 

For one reason or another these locations are not allowed for people to take pictures. Make sure you avoid these places when taking pictures to stay out of trouble.  

7 Places You Can't Take Pictures In Texas

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