Everything is bigger in Texas, right? Of course, there are large prisons all over the United States. But the biggest prison in Texas is both huge and intimidating.

The H.H. Coffield Unit is a men's prison in Anderson County located alongside FM Road 2054 in Tennessee Colony, Texas which is a little over an hour from Tyler, Texas, and 2.5 hours from Houston, Texas. According to Wikipedia, It opened in June of 1965 and is the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's largest prison. It also contains varying levels of security, including both medium AND maximum security units.

Sitting on 20,518 acres, Wikipedia states the Coffield Unit is "co-located with BetoGurneyMichael, and Powledge units" and can house close to 4,200 inmates. According to data from 2021, several hundred people work at the unit, including support and administrative staff, plus correctional officers. There is also employee housing on-site.

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What more do we know about the largest prison located in Texas?

Google Maps, Canva
Google Maps, Canva

A branch of Gateway Church, which is based in Dallas, Texas, opened on-site back in 2019. Currently, the senior warden at the Coffield Unit is Juan Garcia, according to the TDCJ website.

Also according to the TDCJ, various agricultural endeavors take place at the prison, including "Feedmill and Grain Storage, Farm Shop, Cow/Calf Operation, Poultry Laying Operation, Swine Farrowing/ Nursery/Finishing Operations, Pork Processing Plant, Security Horses, Security Pack Canines, Edible and Field Crops, and Unit Garden."

If you'd like more information regarding the H.H. Coffield Unit in Tenessee Colony, Texas, you can find that here, including address and phone numbers.

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