This might be a lot to ask of a third-grader.

Texas HB011471 would actually require third-graders to be instructed on the tools of a battlefield medic.  Let's jump right in with some of the text of the bill:

"...require the district or charter school to annually
offer instruction on the use of a bleeding control station from a school resource officer or other appropriate district or school personnel who has received the training under Subdivision (3) to students enrolled at the campus in grade three [seven] or higher"

I actually looked up "what skills should a third grader have?", which of course tells you what they should know after completing third grade, and the answers were things like "tell time to the nearest minute" and "write legibly".  Adding "triage battlefield trauma" seems like a big ask.

I'm not exaggerating the whole "battlefield" thing either. The bill would require "bleeding stations" in schools (in of itself, not a bad idea) stocked with things like "compression bandages", "chest sealers" and this beauty:

"....tourniquets approved for use in battlefield trauma
care by the armed forces of the United States..."

I don't know of many third-graders who would do much other than (rightfully) cower in fear if there was a traumatic situation like this. It's my belief that if there is an event bad enough to need this kind of triage, we'd be lucky for the third-graders to even have the awareness to find safety. Keep in mind that most third-graders are eight years old. 

You also have to ask yourself, what if that trauma happens and a third-grader does not respond, responds wrongly, or even has someone die under their care? Would that kid be traumatized for life because they couldn't handle a life-or-death situation? It's just too much to burden these kids with.

I will say that there are things in this bill that makes sense, but requiring, much less expecting third-graders to step up tells me we've run out of ideas.


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