I love digging into what the rules are for pretty much anything in Texas. For reasons beyond me and my pay-grade, they seem to always wind up a little complicated. Take dog breeds for instance. Does Texas ban certain dog breeds from being your beloved family pet?

The answer is a little surprising.

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Are Certain Dog Breeds Banned In Texas?

I did a lot of digging to figure out the answer to this question. While I'm a fan of pretty much all dogs (except for the angry ankle biting four legged mosquitos we call chihuahuas), I am well aware of the fact that some people are not.

Some of us think that some breeds are just born the spawn of Satan, and oddly enough those people don't include chihuahuas on their list.

That list usually includes wolf-hybrids, pitbulls, chows, and other "aggressive" breeds. Again, how the chihuahua doesn't make that list is beyond me. Apparently these activists have never ridden by one while on a pair of roller-blades, and it shows.

But I digress.

Interestingly enough, none of those breeds are banned by the state of Texas. There is, of course, a catch.

The State Of Texas Doesn't Ban Dog Breeds; Leaves That Up To The Locals.

While the state of Texas may not necessarily outright ban certain breeds of dog, they do leave a little wiggle room for individual municipalities.

So, once again, you're left checking with the city you live in.

What makes matters even more interesting is that the state of Texas is actually really keen on combating legislation that would ban "dangerous" or "aggressive" breeds. It seems our state legislator has no interest in determining which breed you can or can not own.

They leave it up to individual municipalities.

Just Know, You Still Need To Be Responsible

No matter what breed of dog you get, you need to be equipped to handle the responsibility. Animal lovers love to point out that there are no bad pets, just bad owners. Having a pet takes a lot of work, and some breeds are more work than others.

So, if your pet gets out of hand, a little too rowdy, or seems to get its kicks harming other animals or people, you could be subject to all kinds of penalties.

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