Construction woes are a part of life in Amarillo. Road construction zones are like the heads of the mythical hydra. It seems like when we wrap up one project, there are two more to take its place. There's a new project underway and it's going to last a while.

Get ready for a two month long pain in your commute.

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October 10 Through The Next Two Months

That's how long you can expect the work to last, per an announcement from the Texas Department of Transportation Amarillo District. That's good and bad news.

Good because it's two months and not two years. Bad because, well, it's two whole months.

With a little bit of patience, we can get through this one.

SW 9th Between Helium And Soncy... where you'll be wanting to avoid. According to their announcement, that area won't be down to one lane. There won't be a simple delay.

It will be closed.

As you can see, there's an extra bit of inconvenience to those who have a home on Indian Hills Road. In order to get home, you'll need to do like the old song by Supertramp.

Take the long way home; so to speak.

Why Are They Closing This Stretch Of Road?

This is the part where you say, "Oh, but it will be so nice when it's finished."

The work is being done in order to connect SW 9th Avenue and Soncy to the new portion of the loop. Once it's done, it will be nice. Trust me.

I lived through the work that was done on South Coulter connecting to the loop. I complained. A lot. However, now that I can just jump on the loop and get where I want to go (I-40 east) without going through town...I'm happy with it.

Drive Slow. Drive Safe. Be Kind. Be Patient.

If you're driving in that area, be kind to the crews. They're just doing a job. I've said it a million times; we all want to get home for dinner.

Also, thanks to the crews for the work you do in all kinds of weather with little to no thanks. It really is so very nice when it's finished.

Thank you.

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