We've all heard the saying that there is a market for everything at least once in our lives. Twice this week I've seen a truck in town for a company specializing in something I think none of us considered a money-making opportunity. I was shocked to find out there are companies that will scoop pet poop in your backyard.

Yes, There Are People You Can Pay To Scoop Dog Poop In Amarillo, Texas

When I was growing up, scooping dog poop was a punishment chore for whichever sibling had incurred the wrath of our parents. It stunk, you'd get stuff on your shoes, and our scoop was pretty much nothing more than an oversized garden spade. Never once have I thought of it as a money-making opportunity.

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In Amarillo, I've found people that took what I always viewed as a punishment and turned it into a way to make some cash. The premise is simple. You call, set up an appointment, and they come to scoop the poop from your yard.

What Pet Poop Scooping Services Are In Amarillo, Texas?

Oddly enough, Google provides more than one option for pet waste removal services in Amarillo, Texas. If you're thinking, like I am, how different could they be; the answer is very different. They offer their different, unique solutions to your pet poop problem.


Pet Butler is the one I've seen driving around town. What I saw was a pickup truck with decals down the side. I had to do a double-take when I saw it, and when I searched the business online after getting home I found out they do a lot more than scoop poop.

Pet Butler has solutions for litter boxes, shuttling your pet to daycare or boarding, pet sitting and walking, and even odor elimination services. It's a buffet of services to help care for your pet.


Another service I found was Ready4DoodyII. R4DII offers weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and one-time services. Prices vary depending on what plan you choose. I tried going through the checkout process online, and kept running into a roadblock...so to speak. It kept saying I couldn't order the plan at the moment and that I would need to call. It makes me wonder if the services are still available or if R4DII is just that busy.

It just goes to show you that there's money to be made in just about everything.

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