It's an idea we've seen played out in TV shows and movies. A group of thieves decide they're going to steal an ATM. They have some moderately sized vehicle, yank it out of the wall, and take off down the road. Problem is, it's not that easy.

Police now need info on Amarillo thieves that lost a fight to an ATM.

Attempted ATM Theft In Amarillo Texas

It happened in the wee hours of the morning. Around 2:43 AM on Thursday, April 27, police received a call. That call led to a location on South Georgia, where it appeared an ATM had tried to be persuaded to leave its rightful home.

By persuaded, I mean forcibly removed from the spot where it belongs.

What could have tipped off authorities and anyone with a functioning set of eyeballs that this ATM was the victim of an attempt to whisk it away to an undisclosed location?

Well if you're a blue dog looking for clues to put in your owner's notebook, you could probably start with the truck and chain.

Get Ready To Make Your Dodge Jokes

According to reports, authorities arrived on the scene to supposedly find a red Dodge pickup and a chain, which were allegedly used to try and, you know, make off with the ATM.

The chain was allegedly attached to the back of the Dodge.

As for the ATM? Well, reports have it that the ATM had been moved a bit, and it suffered a little damage. Interestingly enough, supposedly there was no entry made into the ATM.

Where this gets even wilder for me is that there were supposedly witnesses of the whole thing who told authorities that the suspects fled the scene on foot. Makes you wonder if they royally hosed their Dodge in trying to make off with the magic money box.

Info Sought On The Bumbling ATM Thieves In Amarillo

Police are asking that anyone who happens to have any information on the incident, to reach out. You can make anonymous tips via the P3 app, and by using the Crime Stoppers website.

You can also call Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 806-374-4400.

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