For three days now, I have spent sunrise and sunset in the parking lot of Wolflin Square. There's something that isn't being addressed, that I feel we should talk about.

The birds of Wolflin Square are the ones who really run things.

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The Massive Flock Of Annoying Birds On Power Lines And Rooftops

You've seen them all around Amarillo. Hillside and Coulter is one spot that immediately comes to mind. Flocks of birds land on the power lines and rooftops, chattering and screaming.

The fly in massive waves, like at a sporting event. A big group swoops in causing a chain reaction of birds taking flight.

It's A Country Fried Version Of A Hitchcock Movie

While I'm not afraid of these birds, for the most part, I do have some concerns. I know they don't have some kind of Alfred Hitchcock-esque blood lust, but what they do have are digestive systems.

Which means they have poop. Lots of poop.

Protecting myself and the broadcast equipment from their "love bombs" has become a bit of a chore. Thank you, birds, for not pecking my eyes out. Now, could you just take it easy on my car.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

My Theory, And Just Hear Me Out...

The birds of Wolflin Square are the ones really running the show. They're the real owners. If you've ever watched them congregate, you'll notice it's around the same time that most of the shops close their doors, or at least start preparing to do so.

No one wants to get caught in the feathered typhoon.

At dusk, this becomes their turf, and they do their winged dance all night long. When the sun finally rises, they disappear until the night calls them to gather once more.

In all honesty, it's hypnotic and fun to watch. Until they swoop a little too low and I start getting nervous.

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