Today, while doing a Google search for a proper place to purchase a skateboard, I came across something that made me forget all about my search for a shred-tastic piece of hardware. I came across a place called Hill's Sport Shop, in Amarillo.

Now, I have all kinds of questions.

How Searching For A Skateboard In Amarillo Led To A Mystery

One of the search results that popped up when I went looking for skateboard shops in Amarillo was a place called Hill's Sport Shop. I decided to see what I could find out about the place instead of going with the big-box and shopping mall franchises.

You know me. I like to shop local; brick and mortar.

I had never heard of Hill's Sport Shop, and was hoping that maybe I had found a place to get all of my skate hardware. I began salivating as I daydreamed of the possible decks adorning the walls. Would I go with something audacious with larger than life artwork, or choose something more minimalist?

Come to find out, neither. Suddenly I was surrounded by dead ends.

Hill's Sport Shop; Coming Back Soon!

First, I went to check out their website. I was hoping that Google hadn't led me astray, and that there would be photos of their current inventory of everything I would need to get back to living on four small wheels.

Instead, I was greeted by a page with the words "Hill's Sport Shop" flanked on either side by the words "bicycles" and "ebikes." The whole thing had a very nice nostalgic feel to it that made me forget about my frustration with Google for a moment.

Under the giant "Hill's Sport Shop" proclamation were the words "coming back May 2023."

Two questions immediately came screaming to the forefront of my mind. First was, "That's nice, but what about the skateboards that Uncle Google promised me?" The second question was, "Coming back from what?"

The More Questions You Ask, The Less You Find Out

Now thoroughly drowning in my own curiosity, I made my way over to their Facebook page. Where websites fail, Facebook usually will be a slight bit more helpful. People will forget their website, but almost never forget to post a cute picture of something along with an update on how business is going.

No such luck.

Their social media page consisted of only two posts. One, highlighting the fact that they have a profile picture. The other, highlighted the fact that they have a cover photo.

It couldn't have been less helpful if it had tried.

A Long History In The Amarillo Area For Hill's Sport Shop?

One thing that I did notice is that Hill's Sport Shop was established in 1964. That's a long time to be in business, and I do hope that their second-coming is met with all the success in the world. I'm a big fan of local businesses, especially when they've been in the area for a really long time.

So for now, good luck on your come back Hill's. I hope you are met with a success beyond any you've known.

And do you carry skateboards? Google alluded to the fact that you might.

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