I've seen this question pop up more than once recently online. A post is made asking people to support the push for another hospital in the area. It begs the question...

Does Amarillo really need another, new hospital?

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What's Wrong With The Hospitals We Have?

While everyone has their good and bad experiences at local hospitals, I'm not sure I'm sold on us needing to build another massive campus.

BSA and Northwest both have their pros and cons, but between them and the rest of the medical district you would think that whatever care you're needing can be found.

We've also got the VA.

It's Not Just A Hospital They're Wanting Though...

This is a specific kind of hospital that also includes hotels...organic foods...a gym? Sounds like a resort. Not a hospital.

While that all sounds neat, is it really necessary? I'm not sold on the idea. Hospitals are places where you go to receive care. The idea is that you show up, you get the help you need, and then you go about your life.

While I get wanting some amenities, there's no way I'm trading out a burger at a hospital cafeteria for organic whatever-you-want-to-call-it. Hospital burgers are made of magic and there's nothing that will change my mind. They're always the best.

A gym? If I'm with my loved ones in a hospital, I want to be with them. Not pumping iron or getting in some cardio. Sick gains can wait.

If I'm receiving care, the last thing on my mind is working my glutes.

More Urgent Care Facilities?

Someone has mentioned that maybe adding urgent care type facilities to the existing hospitals would help reduce the amount of traffic in emergency rooms. For a lot of people, they go to the emergency room whether what they're experiencing is an emergency or not.

I've been through it personally with my son. We went in to the emergency room, for a real emergency, and got stuck waiting for hours on end. Some of those issues could have been handled at an urgent care.

What do you think? Do we need yet another hospital?

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