The Texas panhandle is no stranger to odd sights right off the highway. There are half-buried classic cars, or what's left of them, covered in the graffiti of international tourists. There's a silhouette of Big Foot running around out there. Dinosaur statues seem to be something we're somewhat obsessed with.

One such "landmark" has me completely confused, though. Why is there a giant shoe off 287, in Quanah, TX?

Mystery Of The Giant High-Top Tennis Shoe Of Quanah, Texas

Nothing against Quanah, I've driven through there more times than I can count, but there isn't much there to make you pull off the highway. It's a small town, in a row of small towns, on 287 in the Texas panhandle area.

There is the giant arrow, which you see people stopping at for a photo from time to time. Other than that, or a stop to get gas, most people just drive right through.

However, just off the highway, is a curious landmark that has become a bit of a phenomenon over the years. There's a giant shoe. It's a massive, high-top tennis shoe that sits in front of an antique store.

Why a giant shoe? Honestly. It's like a small Texas town version of a nursery rhyme. I don't think you could fit many kids in there, but an old woman might be able to pull it off in that shoe.

287 Antiques, A Collection Of Odds-And-Ends And A Giant Shoe

The sneaker is emblazoned with the words "287 Antiques." The store, based on reviews and comments left online, is absolutely jam packed with all manner of antiques and oddities.

The sneaker, which also sports a hefty chain, appears to be an ingenious storefront sign. It's definitely an attention grabber.


According to information online, the antique store has been in business since the 1960s. Almost every review online references the near-insane amount of items for sale. For the most part, people seem to love it.

They say it's crammed full of stuff, and a lot of history.

The next time you're rolling down the highway, keep an eye out. You never know what strange sights await you in the Texas panhandle.

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